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Another great dog training session! Thank you Mandi for your time. Loving it. 🐶

 it's fun as well as learning xxx

contacted these wonderful dog trainers in desperation due to a recently rescued puppy (10 month old) who was tearing my home apart and turning my other dogs into naughty chewing/ nipping/ barking terrors too. Amanda and Stephen arrived when they said they would, on time, and proceeded to asses Gus. They knew exactly what we needed to do to help him. I had explained I was disabled, and Amanda designed a selection of specially adapted activities which I could do with Gus myself. That was so appreciated. Many have assumed I am useless and it was great to be able to be part of my dog's progress. The instructions and demonstration were straightforward and easy to follow. Amanda also went out with the lady who walks my dogs and showed her techniques to work with Gus on a lead. After they left, Amanda sent me an email with instructions for the training activities written down, to help me remember. Even after the first day, we started to see Gus change. He was completely 'turned off' to people (which is why he ignored anything we said), but in that first day he began to make eye contact and come for cuddl'I es. Just over a week later, he is such a different boy! He listens to all the basic commands (sit, stay, come etc) and obeys them; he had SUCH awful separation anxiety he would howl for hours whenever my carer left and bark for 1 - 2 hours before she arrived. He barely reacts at all now - as long s we follow Amanda's advice! He makes eye contact by choice now, and snuggles up for cuddles several times a day. There's been no more destructive behaviour at all. My Chihuahua puppy has joined in all the training times, and now he's even better behaved too! I've been told Gus is now mostly 'a pleasure' to walk (he was 'a nightmare' before). Everything is better, and we can see how much happier Gus is, as is everyone else in my home. I cannot recommend Stephen and Amanda strongly enough! If you do the training they teach you to do with your dog, the results will amaze you for sure! I'm going to ask them to come again to teach me how to train my dogs even further. It's so fun and so wonderful to see a troubled dog find himself again and enjoy life. A priceless pair of dog trainers!'